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Medycyna praktyczna zwierciadłem nauki · Nauka Polska. Jej Potrzeby, Organizacja i Rozwój
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Medycyna praktyczna zwierciadłem nauki

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Medycyna praktyczna zwierciadłem nauki
Applied Medicine as a Mirror of Sciences


Leon Drobnik


Na obrzeżach nauki


str. 101-113






Since prehistoric times medicine mirrored human self-interpretation and the interpretation of the surrounding world. Ancient Egyptians understood human person in a multidimensional manner: as a combination of material and spiritual existence with a transcendent value. Medicine was in those times highly-developed, according to the level of Egyptian civilization. In ancient Greece there were two parallel philosophical approaches to the human person. The first one presented medical school of Knidos, which was focused on dysfunctional elements and local symptoms of sick human bodies. The second one, represented by Hippocrates and his medical school of Kos, adopted a holistic vision of a sick man as a person. Development of the European medicine was accelerated by discoveries in human anatomy and physiology in Renaissance times, in physics and chemistry in the times of the Enlightenment, and in mathematics and informatics during the last century. Contemporary medicine, based on scientific developments, is a medicine of organs, focused on the problems the human body. The weakness of modern medicine is its physicalism, neglecting the spiritual dimension the human person. The need of hospitalized patients to fulfill their spiritual and psychological needs and to reinforce their feeling of hope is constantly observed. Non-material hope, supported by scientifically based medicine of the body, will optimally increase the success of patients returning to the status of equilibrium with themselves and with the surrounding world.

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